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Check out some of the lives that have been changed because of Tyler's House...

Sonny Has Electricity

Sonny's story was a huge inspiration for the creation of Tyler's House. In June of 2023, Belmont Electric received a plea for help from Sonny's niece. She shared that Sonny, 85, had recently retired from the school system after 22 years of service, only to find that he was not going to receive the retirement he had anticipated. To add insult to injury, he found himself struggling with electrical problems. When he tried to repair it himself, he was electrocuted and left without power, just as Arizona's summer began. After hearing Sonny's story, Belmont Electric's owner knew that he had to help. Despite not having the extra money, Belmont stepped in to save the day. From that moment Tyler's House founders knew there had to be a bigger & better way to be able to consistently help others in need. Thus, the creation of Tyler's House. Because of Belmont's generosity, we are happy to say they, and Sonny are the first recipients of Tyler's House support. Thank you, Belmont, for all you do! We need more great people like you!

Check out the full story here. 

On Sunday, September 17th, we learned about Kady. This West Valley momma created a post looking for a temporary solution to keep cool since their a/c has been going in and out for the last several months.


Kady, who is 4 months pregnant with baby number 2, shared that they are typically the ones others go to for support and would never ask for anything. However, because of a heart condition, her pregnancy is considered high risk, which required her to reduce her hours at work. Simultaneously, her husband experienced a change in work, they had unforeseen car repairs, and now problems with an a/c that is only 3 years old. That combination of challenges would be difficult for anyone, let alone a pregnant momma with a 5-year-old to care for.

Thanks to our friends at Cool Blew, and your support, we were able to get her a/c checked out and working again the very next day. 


Kady has A/C

Ashlee W..jpg

On Wednesday, October 11, we met Ashlee, mother of 7, 5 who were adopted out of foster care and have significant medical needs.


She reached out because, while they are often the helpers, they recently found themselves with vehicle repairs, medical challenges, a/c repairs & a hot water heater that exploded and caused Ashlee to slip and get a concussion. That combination was just more than they could bear and without hot water, their ability to properly disinfect items and keep their home sterile was severely compromised.


With the help of Dignity Plumbing, this family received a new, upgraded, larger water heater that will meet the needs of the entire family.

On Friday, October 27th we received the request to help Denise. A thoughtful community member reached out because Denise was in trouble. 

Denise, who has been struggling to live off of her social security/disability income, purchased her home last year, only to experience a flood in her kitchen, mold in the walls, and a/c problems. 

Denise worked hard to get the damage under control, which included water damage to the walls and windows. However, because of limited resources, she was unable to complete the work on her windows and was using sunscreens as a temporary fix. Not only was that inefficient, but it was driving her electrical bill up. With another surgery last week and the weather becoming colder, not having windows posed a a health risk, but the rising costs posed an even greater risk of becoming homeless. 


On Monday, October 30, with your support and the help of Honor Contracting, Denise got windows installed!

Denise Gibbs.jpg

In November 2023, we heard that a family of 6 had been living with a broken A/C unit for over a year. With 4 children and a business adversely impacted by the pandemic, they just hadn't been able to save enough to repair it. Because of the amazing partnership with Cool Blew, we were able to connect them with a a used unit that will help keep their family safe through the upcoming summer months. 

In December 2023, we received a request for Jane. Jane is 83, living alone after the death of her partner, and now finds herself wheelchair bound. With a fixed income, she had to decide between hearing aides and much needed home repairs/modifications to help her safely navigate her home. (She's still making payments on the hearing aides) Because of your support we were able to help Jane get her home safe & accessible.


In December 2023, we received a request Anthony & Tamera who are living with low income and chronic disability and found themselves without heating & cooling. With the help of Cool Blew we were able to help get them back in action! 

In March 2024, we received a request for Wanda. Wanda, 72 and disabled, found herself without a working A/C. After applying to many programs she was approved for a new A/C, but the program was not available to replace it for 12 months. Fearful for her health and knowing the heat of Arizona's summer, she reached out for help. Tyler's House & Cool Blew were able to repair her unit and keep it running until it can be replaced! Special thanks to Banner Health Plan for providing the support to help Wanda!


This week we received a request for Amy and were able to provide help for her, her daughter, and grandson, after water wreaked havoc on their home causing an unsafe living environment for them all. Amidst a bankruptcy, Amy felt helpless to afford the repairs and reached out for assistance. Through connections at Tyler's House we were able to get them connected to the right individuals and repairs are underway!


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