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Spreading Hope & Love

One house, one family, one bear hug at a time...


 Tyler was known for his warmth & generosity. A friend said: "I don't know anyone who would do more for someone who needs an extra hand than Tyler. His wonderful humility meant that he didn't see himself as a savior, just a fellow man, and sojourner, who gave anything he had. He made the overlooked feel seen, and those with less resources feel not alone. Tyler was radical in his simplicity. He'd respond to religious diatribe with, 'I don't know man, I'm just trying to love my neighbor.' And love his neighbor he did. He saw divinity in all people, without a single need to be recognized for it. He gave, and gave, and gave. He loved deeply & unconditionally and didn't need a single reason to do it. He made everyone feel safe. Tyler loved people tangibly through service, and made the ostracized feel known, as he did handy work and asked them about music. The impact of Tyler's life runs deep & wide, he leaves behind a legacy of kindness & unconditional love."

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